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Movie: The Ballad of Swish Buckles (2010)

A freedom loving pirate (Matt Lasky) who fights against injustice and conquers the hearts of countless damsels in the process meets his match in a con-woman (Nichole Elise)who takes him for his wealth, reputation and subsequently his heart.



Matt Lasky  …  Swish Buckles
Nichole Elise  …  Sally Saggingsails


Directed by  …  C.J. Schmidt
Written by  …  C.J. Schmidt & Matt Lasky
Executive Producer  …  Matt Lasky
Producers  …  C.J. Schmidt, Matt Lasky
Cinematographer  …  Patick Scola
Editor  …  Adam H. Mack
Fight Choreographer  …  Robert G. Goodwin
Sound Editor  …  Taiwo Heard



Action on Film International Film Festival

Nominated   “Female Action Performer of the Year”

Nominated   “Best Period Piece”