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Movie: Stockholm Syndrome (2008)

When lowlife criminals Jake (John Allen Phillips) and Mickey (Matt Lasky) kidnap debutant Candice (Arielle Ramos) – daughter of a billionaire steel magnate, they are convinced that they are going to make a quick buck. When her family refuses to pay the ransom, their dreams of riches vanishes and the misery of confinement takes it’s toll on their friendship with dire consequences for both them and the girl.

NEWStockholm Syndromebig


Arielle Ramos  …  Candice
John Allen Phillips  …  Jake
Matt Lasky  …  Mickey


Directed by  …  C.J. Schmidt
Written by  …  C.J. Schmidt
Executive Producer  …  C.J. Schmidt
Producers  …  Chase Massingill, John Piper
Cinematographer  …  Herold Israel
Editor  …  C.J. Schmidt
Art Director  …  Jenny Benedicto

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