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Movie: Propaganda (2008)

Impressionable Kristoff (Michael Barbuto), meets a beautiful russian (Lora Kojovic) and becomes involved with a neo-nazi organization, lead by the articulate, yet wayward Rutger (Matt Lasky). When the organization’s menacing talk turns to serious actions, he finds himself ensnared in a plot that only he can stop. Are his core beliefs strong enough to do what is right, or has Rutger and his new lover‘s brainwashing worked.

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Michael Barbuto  …  Kristoff
Matt Lasky  …  Rutger
Lora Kojovic  …  Ursula
John Allen Phillips … Ulrich
Joe J. Garcia  …  Agent Franklin
Brian Robinson  …  Agent Howell


Directed by  …  C.J. Schmidt
Written by  …  C.J. Schmidt
Executive Producer  …  C.J. Schmidt
Producers  …  Jenny Benedicto, C.J. Schmidt
Cinematographer  …  Ranjeet Rajan
Editor  …  Marc Plocek
Art Director  …  Matt Lasky
Music by  …  Vincent Gillioz

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