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Movie: Moments (2008)

Maggie (Amber Bowser) has put her life on hold to care for her ailing mother (Kenlyn Kanouse).  When she runs into a college love interest (John Allen Phillips) who recently lost his wife in a car accident, she sees an opportunity for a second chance at life and decides to go after it, even it means hurting the one person she cares for most.

NEWMoments Posterbig


Amber Bowser  …  Maggie
Kenlyn Kanouse  …  Marge
John Allen Phillips  …  John
Gabriel Myers  …  Man in White
Jennifer Rigling  …  Monica
Heather Elizabeth Regan  …  Molly


Directed by  …  C.J. Schmidt
Written by  …  C.J. Schmidt
Executive Producer  …  C.J. Schmidt
Cinematographer  …  Rohin Katthula
Art Director  …  Jenny Benedicto
Editor  …  C.J. Schmidt

Trailer (coming soon)