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Movie: Blood Money (2009)

In 1950s Los Angeles, down-and-out police detective Jack Miller (Jim Thalman) is two drinks away from the bottom of the bottle.  When the love of his life, seductive escort  Marilyn (Vanessa Gomez), is discovered murdered next to the corrupt police commissioner (Michael Toland), he shuns his badge and barrels down a path of revenge that threatens to leave no prisoners.   Add to this complex cocktail an ambitious jazz singer (Amy Motta), a Russian pimp (David H. Lawrence) and there is no telling who will make it out alive in this dark tale of love, lust, greed and blackmail.

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Jim Thalman  …  Jack Miller
Amy Motta  …  Veronica
David H. Lawrence  …  Marv
Vanessa Gomez  …  Marilyn
Michael Toland  …  Jackson Wallace
Braxton Honeycutt  …  Roger Daniels


Directed by  …  C.J. Schmidt
Written by  …  C.J. Schmidt
Executive Producer  …  C.J. Schmidt
Producers  …  C.J. Schmidt, Samantha Colburn, Roxy Maronyan
Cinematographer  …  Ranjeet Rajan
Original Score  …  Rob Gironda
Editor  …  Adam H. Mack
Casting Director  …  Sherrie Henderson
Production Designer  …  Roxy Maronyan
Visual Effects  …  Cafe Noir

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